Your surgical instruments within hand’s reach during every surgery – without the need for stacking trays


Our stainless steel back tables for hospitals are the perfect solution for a more efficient work flow in hospital operating rooms and a better overview of your medical instruments. Our operating room instruments table, combined with our special Perfect Fit Drapes, will always provide you with a clear and clean work environment. You will have all the tools you need within hand’s reach – no need for stacking trays. And no need for multiple tables. That’s why we call it the Big Case Back Table.

For every operating room nurse out there (and every type of surgery)

For surgeries requiring a large set of tools, instruments and implants, our stainless steel table has two shelves to place your medical equipment on. In this setup it has the largest surface area, holding up to 14 trays of surgical instruments and substituting 3 conventional instrument tables. For smaller surgeries you can put the top shelve down, providing you with 1 large surface for your surgical tools.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you’re 5’ 3 or 6’ 3. Both shelves of the table are easily adjustable in height and designed for operating room personnel and medical staff of different heights. This way, you can easily adjust the table to your needs, and those of the surgery.


Why choose our surgical instrument table?


Always keep an overview of your surgical instruments. On our Big Case Back Table you can arrange up to 14 trays of medical tools, without stacking.


With all your medical instruments on one table, you never have to switch between multiple tables again. Increase your operating team’s efficiency and save at least 8-15 minutes per surgery.


Both levels of the table are height adjustable and can be individualized to accommodate the operating room nurse.


All our tables are made with high quality stainless steel and components.


With all your tools in one place, you don’t have to switch between tables reducing movement in the sterile field.

Infection control

With better usage of space and less movement in the room, instruments and medical personnel can remain inside the laminar air flow more easily. This way, our operating room tables stimulate overall hygiene and reduce the risk for infections.

Perfect Fit Drapes

Perfect Fit Drapes are specifically designed to fit the Big Case Back Tables, provide for one sterile field to be placed on top of another sterile field. This feature is not found on other drapes.


Used in top hospitals throughout Europe and the US

Our operating room instruments tables are actively used in top hospitals throughout Europe and the US, like NYU, Mayo Clinic, Royal Liverpool hospital, OLVG Amsterdam and Helsinki University hospital. Our operating room instruments tables are now used in many surgical specialty cases, such as:

– Orthopedic surgeries
– Open heart surgeries
– Total joint revisions
– Trans cather aortic valve replacements
– Spine surgeries
– Neurosurgeries


What our clients are saying:

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‘‘Research: save up to 15 minutes per surgery with our OR instruments table’’

surgical instruments table in use OR Specific

‘‘Less movement in the sterile field because of the efficient set up of our table’’

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